Operational Flexibility

Operational Flexibility

Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. is a quality driven corporation, and as such, takes pride in meeting your individual needs. Offering various transportation solutions from LTL, TL, expedited, container handling, and local hotshot services, Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. can customize a solution to fit every supply chain component.


Less – Than Truckload (LTL)

Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. specializes in time critical Less – Than Truckload (LTL) service to points throughout our cover zone in the Southeastern United States. We maintain strategically placed logistics partner terminals allowing us to manage high-demand, time-critical, distribution and delivery points in 8 states including: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.




We also offer regional truckload service to points inside of our cover zone. Our network of strategically placed logistics partner terminals allows us to dispatch pickups from the location nearest you. This saves time, money, fuel, and resources for all parties involved.

Lift Gate Service

Because To Your Customer, the Last Four Feet of the Delivery Could Be the Most Important!

You’ve gone to great lengths to put together an efficient logistical network that insures the highest level of customer service, so why stop four feet short?

Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. offers a cost and service effective advantage for deliveries with special requirements. We can provide timely hydraulic lift gate service from any of our strategically located logistics partner terminals to thousands of communities throughout our cover zone in the Southeastern region. Our modern fleet features an extensive number of Hydraulic lift gate equipped straight trucks and trailers utilized for ground level required deliveries.

Expedited Exclusive Use

Need a faster service? Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. is ready to deliver! Our experience in handling time priority door to door deliveries for our customers gives us the confidence to offer secured and reliable expedited truckload solutions throughout the Gulf Coast and Southeastern United States.

  • With Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. Exclusive Use — you contract your own truck
  • Only your shipment is on the vehicle from pickup to delivery, for direct, door-to-door service
  • Ideal for same-day and early next-day deliveries of critical freight
  • Service available throughout Texas – Louisiana – Oklahoma – Arkansas – Mississippi – Alabama – Georgia ­– Florida
  • Pickup and delivery times are by your schedule
  • We match your shipment to the appropriate size of vehicle, ranging from cargo vans and straight trucks to tractor-trailers

Whatever your needs are, Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. has the equipment to take care of you.


Whether you require a regular flatbed or a multi-axle trailer, we have you covered.

Flatbed trucking and transport is an important transportation service for all companies that ship or receive shipments of freight that cannot be transported by standard dry vans. There are several reasons why freight cannot be transported via a standard 48’ or 53’ dry van.

The primary reason a flatbed is utilized is when the freight cannot be loaded into the dry van trailer via forklift through the rear trailer doors. This is typically because the freight dimensions or freight weight are too excessive. The dry van trailer’s floor has a maximum weight capacity that can be exerted by the forklift on the trailer floor. When this weight capacity is exceeded, the forklift cannot drive onto the trailer. In these cases the trailer will be loaded from the side or from overhead. Then in some cases a forklift does not have the capacity for the weight of the freight, thus two forklifts will be used, or a crane or gantry has to be used. In these cases only a flatbed trailer will be used, because a dry van cannot be loaded from above and from the sides.

The second is the flatbed trailer will be picking up at, or delivering to a location that has no loading dock. In this instance, a forklift or a crane will be utilized to unload the trailer.

The third example is when the length dimension of the freight is very long, such as when transporting pipes, lumber, or rebar wire.

The fourth instance is when the freight is simply suitable for flatbed trailers. This applies to building materials, crated boxes and other materials, not susceptible to the elements of the road such as rain, dust or snow. If the flatbed transit route is through an area with little rain or that never gets very cold, use of a flatbed trailer is a viable option.

Flatbed Freight Quote

Getting a flatbed freight quote should be done one to two weeks in advance of the ship date. This is primarily to obtain the most favorable market rate. If booking two to three days before the ship date, the availability of flatbed tractor-trailers will be much less, thus the price range will be limited due to low availability.

Flatbed Trailer Types:

  • Conestoga
  • Curtain Van
  • Double Drop
  • FlatBed
  • FlatBed – Air-Ride
  • Step Deck
  • Landoll Flatbed
  • Lowboy
  • Removable Goose Neck – RGN
  • Side Kit Trailer
Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Specialized Truck Load Services

Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. is aspiring to become the standard-bearer of quality performance in flatbed transportation in the Southeast. We accomplish this by searching out the very best people, training them in the fundamentals of quality and empowering them to focus on customer satisfaction. Emphasis will be placed on continuous improvements in our business.

Our fleet is comprised of late model Freightliner, Peterbuilt, International and Kenworth tractors accompanied by a variety of specialized trailing equipment. Our diversified top of the line equipment enable us to serve a wide range of customer requirements. All Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. equipment is meticulously maintained by our highly-skilled mechanics to ensure dependability and safety. We take pride in our equipment.

Our goal is to serve our customers with the best technology available to the industry. Our fleet is equipped with the PeopleNet system allowing us to pin-point track any power unit at any time.

Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. finds knowledge of Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) paramount to maintaining and improving scores in all categories. Training is ongoing and driver’s scores are reviewed every month. We are firm in our belief that emphasis on CSA and the sharing of information with our drivers is what enables us to maintain good scores in all Basics.

Drivers are back-ground checked, Haz-Mat qualified, and carry TWIC cards.

Expedited Shipping

Ideal for same-day and early next-day deliveries of critical freight

For direct, door-to-door service, choose expedited shipping to make sure time critical shipments arrive on time. With in-office coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we’re always available to schedule and monitor your fast freight. You tell us where and when you need it, and we’ll deliver.


Trust Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. For Fast Shipping

With expedited shipping options for any scenario, we have the skill and wherewithal to meet every delivery deadline. When retail compliance calls for ground expedited freight service, a manufacturer needs an emergency hotshot shipment, or a medical team needs the speed of chartered air transportation, Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. can handle it. And with end-to-end tracking and the option for proactive notifications, you’ll always know the exact location of each shipment. 

Fast Freight Solutions

Select the service that best fits your situation:

  • Overnight delivery
  • Same-day shipping
  • Next-day shipping
  • Second-day shipping

Get a Quote

Call 281-962-7794 to learn about easy and automatic bill of lading activation or get a quote online for expedited solutions that meet your needs.

Final-Mile Services

Sensitive shipments require extra care and detailed communication. Whether it’s an important time-sensitive product launch, a critical medical equipment delivery or a specialized home delivery, Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. offers customized final-mile services as a solution to complex shipping challenges.

Because the Final Mile is the Most Important

Maximize customer satisfaction with personalized on-time delivery and assembly services. Get the critical support and careful handling required for final-mile delivery. Your point of contact works directly with you, every step of the way, to understand your requirements and provide the expertise needed to deliver to your customers safely and efficiently.

Final-Mile Shipping Options

Choose from an array of special services, including:

  • Inside delivery
  • Stair carry
  • Unpacking
  • Light assembly
  • Specialized equipment
  • Product placement
  • Knowledgeable customer service

The Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. Advantage

Final-mile includes professional, thorough communication — from the initial call to the follow-up survey after delivery — to ensure quality performance and an exceptional customer experience. Combine with offerings that include expedited transit, distribution and warehousing options, and other supply chain services for a customized shipping solution that meets all your needs.

Get Started

Trust Wilson Direct Transport, Inc.  to deliver to your customers on time and with dedicated care. Contact your local account representative today for special project pricing, or call 281-962-7794.

Intermodal Solutions

Intermodal Solutions

Intermodal Transportation Solutions

Diversify your shipment profile with intermodal shipping services from Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. By combining multiple modes of transportation, we help you optimize your supply chain and offer customized solutions for large shipments. 

Wilson Direct Transport, Inc.  Intermodal Shipping

We use truck and rail transportation to move intermodal containers across the Southeastern U.S., maximizing efficiency for your long-haul freight. You’ll experience streamlined shipping with a single invoice and the same reliable service you’ve come to expect from Wilson Direct Transport, Inc.

Intermodal Freight Benefits

Wilson Direct Transport, Inc.  intermodal transportation offers:

  • Reduced cost — take advantage of traditionally lower rates and more predictable pricing
  • Additional security — each container is sealed after loading until delivery, eliminating handling
  • Increased visibility — shipment tracking and updates available in real time
  • Extra capacity — more access to available equipment and standardized transit schedules
  • Positive environmental impact — rail transportation offers lower emissions for a reduced carbon footprint

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Call 281-962-7794 for intermodal freight rates.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Wilson Direct Transport, Inc. is a registered shipping and trucking company and an apex performance provider of quality motor freight services. We provide daily LTL, TL, and specialty services in Texas and Louisiana, with an extended network servicing outbound and inbound freight throughout the Gulf Coast region.

Founded in 2013, Wilson Direct Transport, Inc.  has designed its business model and created a culture for its employees, clients, and partners that is rooted in providing exemplary customer service as well as ensuring efficiency and accountability to the valuable clients we serve. This customer – centric approach has allowed the company to grow exponentially while remaining financially stable.

Our company is committed to providing a level of service that our customers feel is truly an extension of their own businesses. We pride ourselves on our reputation and the level of trust we have developed with our customers.